Sunday, June 6, 2010


Summer is a wonderful time to have a baby! (Or is it?)

When a newborn comes into your life, you will become restricted in what you can do and how you do it for a little while. Most believe it to be more convienent to have a baby in the summer. You can still do things and not feel secluded inside your home. It is safe enough to take the baby out, whether it be a walk or to the store to run your errands, because it is not as cold as it is in the winter. You can even soak up some sun with your new baby, wihtout the fear of he or she becoming ill.!! Very true...

I had my son on April 27th, spring leading into summer. It was a very hot summer, the summer of the Cicadas. (Believe it or not, I only heard them once.)
I still was unable to go to the pool, mostly because I was self-conscious about my new body. And I was also anxious about taking my new son anywhere. It seemed easier to just stay home and feed him every 2hours. This can happen winter or summer, no matter the season.

The one thing, I truly believe, that makes the difference is not the season but the amount of support we have as new mothers. The season can make it a little less restrictive but we all need the support regardless of what season our child is born in.

So enjoy your summer and remember to ask for the help when you need it. You deserve it. Family and friends are great people to turn to and of course you may contact me at anytime

Warm thoughts as always, Natalie

Monday, March 1, 2010

Two year Anniversary of a Woman's Hidden and Lost Struggle with Postpartum Depression

February 27, 2010, two years without a daughter, two years without a wife, two years without a MOTHER..? This breaks my heart...

Please watch the video below. Pass this along to any and all the people you know that may or may not be affected. The more people aware of these terrible disorders claiming the lives of mothers everywhere, the more we can stop leaving behind children and families lost without these precious women.

This is why we need to SPEAk..!

Please spread awareness, Natalie

Friday, January 22, 2010


I haven't spoke in over two months at any mom's groups or community groups. I haven't been thinking about what happen to me almost three years ago. I believe that is a good thing and a bad thing.

Good, in the way that I have been able to truly live in the moment with my son. No pain, just happiness. And of course, frustration from time to time, but mostly love.

If I don't smile enough for him, he will say, "Mommy, be Happy" I love hearing him say that. I love hearing him say, "Mommy, the sun said 'HI' to me!" I still look at him in the rear view mirror as if he is still a baby. And I realize, he still is a baby, much bigger now, but he will always be my baby. He is the sweetest thing, I truly love looking at his bright blue eyes as they take in everything around him. Such a beautiful thing to watch every day, as he discovers life.

Not SPEAking is bad, when I can't tell those women who may be suffering, that this to will happen for them.

With Love, Natalie